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Friday, August 10, 2012

upload video on youtube

Upload video on youtube  Part 1

Upload video on youtube  Part 2

Its very easy to upload video on youtube. You can upload any type of video on youtube and share, like family video, Education video , about your bussiness advertising, etc.......

Upload Video on YouTube

Expert Author Dhruv PatelYouTube is a free web based service that is used by millions of people everyday. YouTube came into existence during the year February 2005, through which you can share videos freely. YouTube is used for commercial and personal purposes
. Here, in this article you will learn the step by step instructions of loading videos in YouTube.
Even before you load the video, you must get the free membership from this site. Just log in to and do the sign up process. By becoming a member of this site you also get the opportunity to comment on other videos.
Step by step process for loading video in
* Log in to the site
* complete the sign up process if you are not a member already.
* if you are member log in using your username and password.
* Click the "Add Video" button that is on the right corner of the page.
* Add the video file choosing the file from your computer. YouTube accepts videos with.WMV,.AVI,.MOV, M4V, 3GP and.MPG file formats.
* As the video starts uploading, start providing as many details possible about your video. Select the category, provide the details such as title, tags description etc. With these details users can easily locate your video file in the internet.
* The uploading time depends on the file size and speed of the browser. It may upload in few minutes and lengthy videos may even take some hours to upload.
* click "save changes" button when the video is completely downloaded.
Is it possible to load more than one video file?
There is no limit in uploading videos. You can upload even 10 video files in a single session. Only requirement is your video should be lesser than 2GB and lesser than 10 minutes. But, standard account members cannot upload more than 100MB file size. In case if your video does not meet this requirement, you can re-edit it in your system and upload it.
Quick tips:
* Video file downloaded from windows movie maker should be saved as movie file otherwise you cannot up upload it to YouTube.
* It is always better to give short tags and theme to make your video file simple. In this way you can get more reviews.
* Never upload the video file that does not cover copyright. By violating the copy right rule, you may lose the membership and your video will be suspended.
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