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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Find virus in computer

Find virus in  your computer, just follow 10 step :

1. go into "computer" folder

2. Open (c:) file

3. Open "programme" file

4. Open "common file"

5. Open "microsoft shered" file

6. Open "msinfo" file

7. Open "(i)msinfo 32" file

8. In the left side click on all '+'    button

9. You can see "Find" box at the    bottom

10. In the box just type "virus"
    and click on "Find"

     And this moment system searching
     virus and when searching finish
     display all virus with details

Different Kinds of Computer Attacks


Computer systems are being infected by various virus attacks and to get
rid of them, you must at least know how to safeguard your system from all the harmful threats and the various attacks online. Due to these attacks you end up losing your precious data and many other credentials. Your main concern should be figuring out how to protect them and ensuring that your work and network runs smoothly. Cyber-attacks can be categorized into two types-Active and Passive attacks.

Once the virus enters into the system it starts affecting the other files very quickly, making it a major problem in terms of keeping the
infection in check. A virus is likely to go through drives and folders that can cause damage when you run the file.

Trojans play a major role in infecting the computer system. The major targets of the Trojan are screen savers, games, and softwares.

Worms generally interrupt the file and make so many folders of the same name and keep on installing itself without any help.

Root kit
Cyber criminals and hackers take full advantage of the Rootkit and take the hold of the system in order to spoil their activities, and steal the important information in disguise. Victims are being targeted by the hackers every now and then.

Types of Passive attacks


Hackers snoop on the victim's in order to steal the confidential message occurring on the internet and access all the information held between the two networks.

Denial of service attacks
This is the hardest job for anybody to get rid of this attack as it completely damages the working of the file and send unnecessary requests to agitate the functioning of the computer. Many good companies have gone through DOS attacks like Amazon, Microsoft, and many more.

IP packets are being sent to steal the valid address of the computer users and once they are accessed, the records and information on the PC can get erased and personalized. This is divided into two types, one is IP spoofing and the other is DNS spoofing.

Passwords are easily accessed by the cyber-criminals to fetch the complete information and data of the users. To prevent this from happening, a user must get computer security to protect one's system for long time. Always endeavor to write passwords with special characters so that it doesn't come in notice of the hacker's eyes. Long length of the password with numbers will also make it difficult for the hackers to crack the passwords.
To stop these attacks from increasing, you must have an antivirus protection installed to safeguard your computer and make it running without these vulnerable attacks mentioned above.
Protect your computer from various malicious programs by installing latest free virus protection software. Always use official websites to buy antivirus software online.
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  If you want to delete all virus   from your computer you need    antivirus  software

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