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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Custom Website vs Templated Websites

Creating Your Custom Website Versus Templated Websites


It seems today that there are many sites that offer users quick and easy ways to building their website. With just a click of a few buttons and selection of a few graphics and colors you are set. Voila! Instant Website!
                                          But is it really that simple?
Expert Author Ray VellaIt is obviously less expensive than hiring a website developer, but it will probably include mangled HTML and JavaScript code that will not conform to World Wide Web Consortium W3C standards. Besides the issue of badly written code, how will the owner with little to no code writing experience be able to modify and tweek his newly created site? Will it be SEO optimized? Let's face it, unless your site is ranked in search engines such as Google, you will not be able to get any visitors to your site. If your sites objective is to se
ll products or offer services then you will fail miserably. The internet is complex and requires expertise that takes years to master. It seems that new technologies emerge on a monthly basis. It takes time and dedication to master these new technologies and in order for your website to keep up with the Joneses, you will need to use these technologies.
Of course if your goal is to have a personal website where you display your personal interests, hobbies or simply to show pictures of your family, then a templated website is probably sufficient.
Hiring a Web Developer
Hiring a web developer will not be as cheap but
the benefits will out way the costs. Your site will look like you want, will conform to W3C and will be search engine friendly. The developer will listen to your needs and will communicate ways to achieve your goals within your budget. The custom website will be unique and designed to your exact specifications as opossed to a website template will not be unique and will contain elements that you might not want.
Custom made sites will impress your users and will increase traffic and revenue. They are scalable meaning that they can morph as your business grows and your requirements change.
Next time you have an idea for a product or service you wish to sell or offer then consider hiring a experienced website developer. You will save time and effort. We can all try to re-wire our house, but will it be done as well as an electrician? I think we all know the answer!
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