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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rollover image in dremweaver

Create Rollover image in html (Dreamweaver)

This tutorial teach you that how to create a rollover image in dreamweaver, its very easy.

Use of Dreamweaver for Enhancing Web Design
By Alan L Smith 

There are many tools available for web designing. Among those commonly used is Dreamweaver. If you want to master this or any other tool you need to practice at it for a prolonged duration. This can take a long time as well as effort. The biggest hurdle for practicing this approach it that new technology and amendments are brought into being every few days. If you practice a few set of commands of Dreamweaver for some time and after that you come to know that there is a new set of commands for the same action on the website, there is no other alternative with you other than repenting for the waste of time, money and resources. The Adobe Creative Suite, also known as Adobe CS, is nowadays commonly used by the web designers. The Adobe CS is not only used for web design but also for
print and motion design.
Some of the tips for increasing your efficiency and effectiveness at the use of Adobe CS are as follows.
• The codes that are not being edited should be collapsed. This can not only lead to code window simplification but also makes it easy to search the important elements in the design. The code that needs to be hidden for some temporary time should be highlighted followed by clicking of the arrow that is just beside the gutter line numbers.
• The use of Dreamweaver to edit the CSS file is easy because the designer has to just select View>Split Code and use the Split Code.
• The Dreamweaver assists the designer in picking up the right color combination scheme for the web design.
• Using Dreamweaver after saving the file the file can be uploaded automatically.
• If the Visual History feature of the Dreamweaver is turned on, you can come to know the history of action in a systematic format.
• When the feature of 'Update links when moving files' is set to 'Never', there are hardly any chances of accidentally breaking into those links.
• Use of Dreamweaver allows bringing about changes easily in the whole web site. For this the designer has to just configure the Dreamweaver.
• The use of Dreamweaver CS4 can increase the legibility of the content by converting the Code View font into a monospace font.
• Dreamweaver facilitates the designer with one of the best tools for finding and replacing elements.
• If the code is viewed through the Design View the final product presentation may be not as actually viewed by the website visitors on different browsers. The code should be checked regularly on the different browsers that are commonly used by the website visitors.
• The use Dreamweaver allows you to construct a library of snippets. Pieces of code that are used frequently can be stored with the help of these snippets.
• In Dreamweaver there is a feature of checking In/Out files. This feature allows only a single person to work on one file, but not many on the same file.
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